Faith & Family


Savage Truth

 The first published literary body of work from Roy Dockery Savage Truth is a Devotional that challenges the reader to find solutions to external life challenges by being spiritually focused.  Our greatest challenge is seeking comfort in lieu of continually pursuing personal growth and spiritual maturity.  Savage Truth presents fourteen challenging lessons that can be easily dissected for personal reflection or group discussion. 

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The 4 F's of a Peaceful Marriage

Family, Finances, Fidelity, and Fun.  An engaging discussion that provides exceptional insight for searching singles or married couples.  Four essential pillars that allow for a strong balanced relationship based on Christian principles, mutual respect, and real honest.  This message can be crafted for lengthy seminars with hours of instruction or a 90 minute breakout session.  

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Service Excellence & Customer Loyalty


Pardon My Experience

 Concerned, Accountable, Responsive, Excellent (C.A.R.E.).  Exploring four key areas to ensure that the process and behavior of your service team drives loyalty, value, and an alluring customer experience.   Mastering these four pillars will help to push your customers from satisfied to care'd for.   

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How to clone your service organization?

If your field service organization resembles most, you have a fixed based of senior technicians that have built the culture of service and sustained any number of organizational changes. That dedication to issues resolution, customer satisfaction, and "figure it out" attitude allows forward-deployed service organizations to be successful in almost any situation. But as that workforce approaches retirement, how do you develop a plan to replace these vital team members to keep your revenue and customer satisfaction on a growth trajectory. In this session we will discuss the use of behavioral assessments to identify the key traits across your top performers while isolating those present in your bottom performers. 

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Viper Charming

 How to capitalize when dissatisfaction strikes?  Service is more than a transaction.  Service is a transaction, that creates a relationship where someone entrust you to meet an expectation.  When customers are upset we have to learn how to understand their expectation and anticipate the wants while genuinely reflecting their frustrations.  If you can master this task you will not only improve customer satisfaction but drive revenue and greater loyalty from some of your biggest failures.  

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