My Story,My Mind, My Heart


Pastor Roy Dockery is the Host of the Savage Truth Podcast, a national recording artist, and international public speaker.  The product of a nomadic childhood that took him across the country, Pastor Roy has a rich tapestry of experience that provides color and context to his expression.  Using his voice as a force for change in the professional, public and faith based communities Pastor Roy Dockery is no stranger to stages of many sizes.  

Family circumstances brought him to Knoxville, TN were he saw a new level of urban plight.  Drugs, gang violence, and addiction during the crack epidemic showed him new lows of the human condition.  Open racial discrimination and his first time being called a nigger at the age of eight while staring at a confederate flag started him on a long lonely journey of self discovery.  No real father to seek guidance from and surrounded by young men who were abandoned to street life due to incarceration or addition Roy began to craft his identity.  

Always an above average student Roy had recognized potential but never stayed at a school long enough for it to be realized. Attending a new school every year killed the motivation to excel because of the burden of proving his intelligence at every new enrollment.  In the eleventh grade, at his eleventh school Roy decided to give up. At a new school in a new state, with new expectations he decided to take the easy route and fade into the background.  Roy graduated from high school in May of 2000 with a below average GPA in the lower tenth percentile.  

Focused on survival with no plans to attend college he used his street smarts mixed with intelligence to excel at work.  Assistant manager at Domino’s Pizza, cab driver eighteen days after turning 18 and a job doing data entry.  Rest was a luxury because poverty wasn’t an option.  As his high school sweet heart approached graduation and started making plans for her future college was an absolute.  Not wanting the only stable relationship in his life to end Roy went to take the SAT after 36 hours of work and applied to his girlfriend's school of choice.  By what seemed to be a glitch in the admissions process, now embraced as the grace of God I was admitted to North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University, but my girlfriend was not. 

Tired of chasing survival and enthralled by this new idea of attending college, Roy committed to attend NC A&T in the fall of 2001.  The long distance relationship with his high school sweetheart didn’t make it to homecoming, but new interest started to take shape.  Roy was impressed by the legacy, passion and impact of the Alumnae of his school of choice, so a new identity started to take form.  Intellect, leadership, activism, community engagement, mentoring,  entrepreneurship, and faith became the new Roy Dockery.  Surrendering his life to Christ at a bible study in the fall of 2001 his Story began to take shape.  

The trials he endured as a youth made him resilient in the face of struggle so he could teach others to survive.  His intelligence and work ethic set him apart from those who were enjoying freedom from parental oversight for the first time.  His faith gave him hope, taught him peace, and gave his gifts a platform to share his testimony.  Angry with God from the age of 12 or 13 Roy always retreated to his writing.  Poetry to express his fears, hopes, anxieties and emotions.  A providential friendship with a producer/rapper turned that poetry into gospel hip hop, and the seeds that birthed Pastor Roy’s ministry were born.  

Those seeds birthed a ministry, that gave rise to a public speaker with the passion of an activist, that became a leader of men.  Pastor Roy Dockery now runs an international ministry, and a global business with the support of an amazing family.  Married to the CEO of the Dockery Homestead, Pastor Roy reunited with his high school sweetheart Nikeenah after almost a 5 year break and they have been happily married for 12 years.  The Dockery’s have three beautiful children Alena, Alyssa, and Royce Daniul ages 11, 8, and 3 respectively and they currently reside in central Delaware.  Amazed at the journey on which God has taken them thus far and anticipating the next chapters of God’s story for their lives.  

Memberships & Engagement:

Executive Director, On Faith Ministries

Board of Directors, Phoenix Foundation

Founding Member, Field Service Insights

Technology Services Industry Association, Advisory Board in Field Service

Field Technologies Editorial Advisory Board

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